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For men, aging can equate to everything from lackluster sexual performance and deteriorating muscle strength to energy loss and overall just feeling less manly. Recent studies suggest a connection to decreased testosterone levels that naturally decline with age. Enzyte MRC is a potent vitamin, mineral and botanical formula that supports healthy testosterone levels by targeting specific areas of concern in men. Fenugreek and B Vitamins support vascular function to maintain sexual response, while Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Rhodiola support muscle strength and optimum energy levels.
Seize the stamina, vigor, vitality, and masculinity every man deserves. Order Enzyte MRC now!
Support Healthy Testosterone Levels
Protect Against Stress-Induced Fatigue
Guard Against Age-Related Deficiencies
Maximize Muscle Strength
Optimize Energy Levels
Sustain Cardiovascular Function
A key to maintaining stamina as you age is staying in peak cardiovascular health. Along with working out and eating right, Enzyte MRC supports healthy homocysteine levels and the production of nitric oxide to promote a healthy sexual response and overall cardiovascular health.
Deficiencies become more common with age, and healthy testosterone levels are associated with adequate levels of Vitamin D, boron, magnesium and zinc. MRC's natural formula helps guard against age-related vitamin & mineral deficiencies.
Men are defined by their strength. But with age comes more time indoors and excess body weight, preventing your skin from making Vitamin D from sunlight. Without sufficient Vitamin D, muscle strength and bone health can deteriorate. MRC packs a hearty dose of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Boron to support muscle strength and bone health.
Energy is what keeps you going, day and night. Enzyte MRC includes a panel of B-Vitamins and Magnesium to support energy metabolism as well as Rhodiola Extract to protect against stress-induced fatigue.

"My performance is 100% better.”
Richard R.
Gardena, CA
"Helps me have a healthy sex life.
Gives me energy throughout the day.”
David C.
Waynesville, MO

Enzyte MRC is a natural supplement and does not contain testosterone. It addresses male health concerns associated with declineing testosterone levels to sustain vascular function for sexual response, maximize muscle strength, support energy levels, and protect against stress-induced fatigue and vitamin & mineral deficiencies.
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